This website has many basic software that are compatible with all kinds of backup and are easy to install. All Backup softwares are available for free in this website. You have the choice to install any type of Backup software.

Backup software are those where a copy of a file or other item of data made in case the original is lost or damaged. There are four common backup types implemented and generally used in most of these programs: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup, and mirror backup. Backup software helps you to create copies of file, hard drive, and database that prevent your data loss. This software restores original data when data loss occurs.

This website provides different types of backup software for free:

Acronis Cyber Backup is an easy, and secures backup solution. It protects everything on your window PCs from data threats, including hardware and software and cyber-attacks etc.

Novabackup is a powerful and automatic PC backup tool. It offers you to instantly backup your computer to any virtual environment. This tool has an automatic storage facility.

Genie9 is the backup software that is developed to provide a cheap storage solution for individual and business. It offers the best storage solution for business partners and home users.

AOMEI Backup is a reliable and fast PC backup tool. This tool allows restoring your data, applications and windows system.

Carbonite backup software protects your data, file, and application with automatic cloud backup.